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SEO Services Company in Manchester 

How much do you know about search engine optimisation (SEO)? Regardless of the answer, the only thing you need to know is that Nine Limes will get you the best possible Google ranking results with your online marketing activities. When you let us handle your SEO needs, you can watch the difference it makes to your increased sales opportunities.

Nine Limes Design, SEO Company in Manchester has created an innovative way of making sure you get exactly the kind of results you want. Regardless of which web optimisation package you choose, you pay just one set up fee. After that you pay nothing more until we get you the results we’ve promised you. Nine limes search engine optimization services can get you seen. Our branding, sales and marketing services will bring you more customers. We provide these services on a day to day basis and are abreast of all the very latest and best ways to get you’re a message out there.


Our UK SEO services company is dedicated to providing customer service that outdoes the rest. We listen to your issues, work on your problems and build an SEO strategy that will transform your business. Who else will do that – especially on a pay on results platform?
Our services include.......
On page SEO services
Every website is competing with millions of others to try to get to the top of the search engine results. It’s not enough to create a good looking site filled with content. You must have the right content that is fully optimised for the web if you want to be found.
On page SEO focuses on making sure your website adheres to all the important search engine optimisation techniques. These include:
  • Linking different pages internally within the structure of your site
  • Using targeted keywords to draw in traffic
The Nine Limes UK SEO company provides a range of SEO packages designed to cater for all kinds of businesses and websites. We utilise a pay on results system which means that unless you achieve the desired results in the Google rankings you won’t pay a penny beyond the set up fee.

Off page SEO services
Off page SEO relates to all the activities you undertake off site to generate a flow of traffic towards your website. These include:

  • Writing and submitting articles to various article directories on the web
  • Submitting your website to relevant online directories
  • Creating links from other sites that point to your own

The Nine Limes SEO Company Manchester provides SEO packages that focus on using off page search engine optimisation methods as well as on page ones. It is only by balancing the two that you will get the desired amount of traffic you want to generate.

Choose the appropriate package for your needs and budget and enjoy being in a no risk, win-win situation with Nine Limes today. Remember, beyond the set up fee you won’t pay for our SEO services unless you achieve the desired Google rankings we’re aiming for.

Give us a call now on 01246 269 610 to discuss your needs...
and let us help you improve your opportunities with a focussed strategy.