E-shot Marketing

Startup Pack

Get a solid introduction to e-shot marketing with our Starter Package. This includes: A newsletter design created by the professionals at Nine Limes 250 emails per day sent to your customer base Designate a time and date to send your email if you wish to d...

Promotional Pack

Reach more potential customers with our Promotional Package. This includes: A newsletter design created by the Nine Limes experts 750 emails per day sent to your customers Decide when you want to send your emails by delaying the release date Email marketing is a...

Corporate Pack

Invest in Nine Limes’ extensive email marketing Corporate Package. This includes: A professional newsletter design created by our experts 1,000 emails per day sent to your customers Full control over when you wish to send your email messages There is no better or ...

The power of Email and E-Shot marketing

Email marketing has become a serious business tool that is used by many online businesses both small and large. It is far more cost effective than regular mailshots, with thousands of emails able to be sent at the click of a button. This means it is perfect for both multinational companies and the smallest ventures with just one small online shop.

Furthermore e-shot marketing is far more interactive. Emails can be tailored to different parts of the same emailing list. Email marketing UK can also be tailored to send follow up emails to customers who have already bought from you. It is quite simply one of the best ways to get in touch and keep in touch with your customer base.

A modern email marketing service marketing method that really works

If you are not yet using our Sheffield email marketing services, there has never been a better time to start. We can create a customised design for your email newsletter, branding your business and making it instantly recognisable from the moment a customer views your email.

We will create a plan that will allow your business to play to its strengths. Eye catching emails that get results can be sent out according to your wishes. Some businesses will need more regular contact with their customers, while others will need less. The packages provided by Nine Limes tick all the boxes and enable your business to soar as it uses this powerful marketing tool.

Choose the e-shot best package for your needs

We offer three distinct packages, each focused on a different type of business – Starter, Promotional and Corporate. Each one receives the same level of dedication and focus from our experienced London e-shot marketing team.

Nine Limes can upgrade you to the next package at any time if you want to expand your email marketing efforts. We are always here to provide the support and assistance you need.

Contact us now to get started with your e-shot marketing campaign

The word investment can be overused. But it is worth saying that our Sheffield e-shot marketing packages are worth the investment. Many businesses will testify to the fact that they have increased their sales since they started email marketing.

With the Nine Limes team handling it for you, it’s a win-win situation.

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