Ecommerce Promotional Package Websites

Ecommerce Promotional Package Websites
This is our promotional package. It provides enhanced functions including content management facilities for anyone looking to be able to make changes themselves or simply add, modify or delete products
  • A 5 page site with full content management
  • Domain name hosting
  • 1 year web hosting
  • FREE 10 email addresses included

Payment is easy via PayPal, making it simple for people to order from your site.

Price: £1200 + VAT

Startup Pack
£750 + VAT
Corporate Pack
£2500 + VAT


If you’re looking for something a little more advanced than our starter ecommerce web store package, this could be just what you are after. The Nine Limes UK ecommerce solutions company knows just how to create the best website for your needs. You can also take advantage of web tracking to get data on where your visitors are coming from and how often they’re arriving on your site.
We’ll also give you free phone technical support and free email support, so if you run into any difficulties we’ll always be here to help out. Since every single ecommerce package comes with the Nine Limes top quality customer service, you can be sure we’ll always be here when you need us. Place your order for your promotional ecommerce package today.
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