Directory Submission

Directory Submissions Service That Will Get You Linked In
Most online business owners recognise the important of including link building activities with an online marketing strategy. There are various ways to build these links and Nine Limes provides a wide range of reliable and cost effective services that will enhance the positioning of your website on the internet. These include submission to directories – giving you permanent links to your website from some of the most important directories online today.

What is directory submission?

A website directory works in much the same way as a phone book. It is a directory of various websites on all kinds of topics. The trick is to get listed in as many as possible, and to ensure your site is in the right category each time.
The problem is that it is incredibly time consuming to do this yourself – especially when you have a business to run. And yet it IS worth doing. The more listings you can get, the more likely it is that your website will be found more easily and by more people.

Why use Nine Limes London directory submit service to get results?

Not all directories are created as equals. Some links have more so called ‘link juice’ than others. This basically means some links are more powerful and more highly regarded.
For instance a link to your website from a directory that has been online for many years will often mean more than a link from a directory that is only in its second week online. The Nine Limes team knows exactly when and where to submit your site to create the best link building campaign possible.

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A directory submit campaign is an essential part of any well thought out link building campaign. Directory submissions give you instant and permanent links to your website, some of which can be very valuable indeed.
But it’s not a good idea to submit your own site to every directory you can find. By hiring Nine Limes to do it for you, you don’t just save time. You ensure that you don’t inadvertently submit your site to a directory that could harm your business in the long run.
We know exactly how to handle every single directory submission, thanks to our extensive knowledge of this part of the link building process. So take the worry and work out of the job and let Nine Limes take the strain.
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