5 Reasons Your Website Needs Responsive Design

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The world of web design is full of buzzwords which come and go, but ‘Responsive’ is one which is here to stay. What does it mean, and why do you need it? Well, responsive design means that your website will automatically configure and customise depending on the device being used. We’ve all had the problem of trying to view a website on a smartphone and finding it frustrating. In a nutshell, that’s the problem that responsive design solves. But is it really worth re-designing your site just to make it responsive?

Yes – and here are 5 reasons why!

1. Potential customers will be turned off by non-responsive design

In the last few years, the capabilities and use of smartphones have increased at an explosive rate. Smartphones are now the most common device for accessing the internet – and people aren’t prepared to wait around. It’s all about providing a sleek user experience. Responsive design adapts perfectly to the device, so no more hanging around waiting for clunky pages to load, then scrolling around masses of stuff.

2. Smartphone customers are more likely to buy

It’s been shown in numerous studies that 9 out of 10 smartphone searches lead to action, and more than 50% lead to sales (source: Hubspot) – much higher than traditional web usage. It makes sense: we tend to use our mobile devices to find information quickly, and for a particular purpose. We scan QR codes when we’re already very interested in a particular product or service. Basically, we’re much more decisive in our behaviour. A responsive site will allow you to tap into this highly engaged, ready-to-buy market.

3. Responsive design shows you care about customer experience

If you’re hoping to inspire customer loyalty and provide exceptional customer service, then responsive design is a key part of your marketing strategy. Sites which offer a seamless user experience across devices are the ones that customers will return to. Business has been a bit slow on the uptake of responsive design, so it’s the ideal chance to get ahead and stand out.

4. It helps to future-proof your business

Design is getting ever more intelligent, and one of the main issues web developers have been addressing is how to make responsive design respond to devices which don’t exist yet. It’s intelligent design, which can adapt to a wide range of screen sizes, orientations, and resolutions. Now is the perfect time to re-design, as adapting to future devices will become effortless.

5. Responsive design will improve overall design

So that they can adapt to different screen resolutions and sizes, responsive designs are clean and crisp across devices. If your standard website is looking a little tired, a fresh, new design will revitalize your site across all devices, including PC browsing. It will also provide a more user-friendly experience, by keeping things simple and intuitive.

Ready to make the responsive switch? Leave the technical stuff to us – see how we can help you.


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