4 Tips for Successful Online Branding

Brand identity

When you’re thinking about how to brand your business online, it can be easy to be either blinded or confused by a whole host of designs and whizzy features. But good branding is about so much more than what your site looks like or does – more important is what you say and how you say it. Yes, the age-old rules of communication still apply. So how can you use your online presence to create a strong, powerful brand? Read on for 4 tips.

Define your style

When it comes to crafting your copy, tone of voice is an essential consideration. Whether you’re writing it yourself or hiring a copywriter to do it for you, the first step in the process is to consider the character of your brand. Should it be direct and to the point, relaxed and chatty, anarchic and cool? It very much depends on your audience – understanding what they appreciate, and reading examples of leading sites in your field, will help you to determine an appropriate tone of voice. But don’t be a clone – in the end, it’s carving out a personal voice which will set your brand apart.

Find your passion

There is nothing worse in the world of branding than uncertainty and blandness. In every aspect – your visual design, content, and social interaction – having a clear focus and passion is vital. What sets your business apart? What is your mission statement? How can you convey this in every aspect of your branding? Starting with big statements: “We believe…” “We will…”, “We must…” will help. Don’t be afraid to take a stance on issues you are knowledgeable about; as long as you keep the tone professional, this can boost the integrity of your business.

Call to action

So you’ve found your voice, you’ve expressed your passion, your audience is onside. So how do you now convert them to customers? The simple rule is don’t stop there. From the homepage of your site, to your blog posts and social media shares, you should have clear calls to action. This can be as simple as an eyecatching button saying: ‘sign up here’, or a short line of compelling copy. Ideas of immediacy: “now”, “right away”, “Immediately” work well, as do ideas of limitlessness; “anywhere”, “anytime”, and deals “early-bird”, “for just”, “introductory offer”. The key is to personalise your calls of action to each situation and platform.

Be punchy

Three simple questions can help you create strong, concise copy in a unique style. “Why this?”, “Why us?”, “Why now?” The fewer words you can use to express why your product, why your business, and why your potential customers need it now, the stronger your pitch will be, and this will influence all aspects of your branding. it will help you to develop a strong, confident presence across your social media platforms, and in the content of your website. Keep these questions in mind, keep the answers short, and your branding will come together beautifully.

You don’t have to do all this alone; we can help with brand development, so just get in touch.

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