Penguin update

Panda, Penguin, and the Mysterious World of Animal Algorithms

In a world of constantly changing SEO goalposts, Google sometimes adds extra fun surprises into the mix, like giving site owners an early Christmas present in the form of penguin and panda updates. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’re giving away cute John Lewis penguins; these beasts are out to penalise sites that they deem to be spammy. If you experience a sudden drop in traffic, a Penguin or Panda could be to blame – so here’s how to protect your site.

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4 Tips for Successful Online Branding

Brand identity

When you’re thinking about how to brand your business online, it can be easy to be either blinded or confused by a whole host of designs and whizzy features. But good branding is about so much more than what your site looks like or does – more important is what you say and how you say it. Yes, the age-old rules of communication still apply. So how can you use your online presence to create a strong, powerful brand? Read on for 4 tips.

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5 Reasons Your Website Needs Responsive Design

Web design

The world of web design is full of buzzwords which come and go, but ‘Responsive’ is one which is here to stay. What does it mean, and why do you need it? Well, responsive design means that your website will automatically configure and customise depending on the device being used. We’ve all had the problem of trying to view a website on a smartphone and finding it frustrating. In a nutshell, that’s the problem that responsive design solves. But is it really worth re-designing your site just to make it responsive?

Yes – and here are 5 reasons why!

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Twitter tips

Get Your Voice Heard on Twitter

Twitter tips

500 million tweets are sent every single day. Just try to wrap your head around that figure for the moment. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? Essentially, it means that the Twitter world is a noisy old place. These days, it’s certainly a baptism of fire for any Twitter newbie, but even if you’re an old hand in the tweeting game, it can still sometimes feel like although you’re shouting, you’re not being heard over the clamour. Fear not, there are ways to get your voice heard on Twitter – without straining your voice.

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6 Simple Tips to Improve Your SEO


The world of SEO can sometimes feel akin to witchcraft, but fortunately, there are some simple ways to improve SEO, enhance your website’s quality, and improve the user experience. Until fairly recently, ‘black hat’ tricks abounded, endorsing the stuffing of keywords, and indiscriminate link-building. Then Google got wise, website owners got burned, and slowly, Search Engine Optimization moved into the light. These tips should help to demystify everything SEO and boost your search rankings.

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5 Things Your Web Designer Needs to Know

responsive web design


You need a new website for your business. You want it to be user-friendly and highly attractive to your clients -something which you ahead of the field in the jam-packed online world. Basically, you need your web design to come with a touch of magic.

But your web designer doesn’t have a magic wand. The key to making it happen flawlessly comes down to good communication. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before you talk to your web designer. If you can answer all of these, then the whole process will be a much smoother ride.

1. What’s the purpose of your site?

Your web designer doesn’t know your business – you do. Are you looking for a smart online shop to increase sales? An eye-catching portfolio to build your business? A manifesto to spread ideas and gain a loyal following? Very different approaches are required depending on the purpose, so being certain of what it is you want and what you hope to achieve with your site is key

2. Who is your audience, and how will they access your site?

Whether you’re targeting time-pressed businesses who want things plain and simple, or the Millennial generation who want lots of unique features and a heap of social sharing options, your web designer needs to know. Think about how your clients access your site too – do you need a smartphone-responsive design, or considerations for users with particular needs? It will help them to develop a site that’s both stunning and effective

3. How do you want your website to ‘feel’?

Cutting edge and corporate, warm and inviting, high-end and aspirational? The feel of your website should fit in with the branding of your company, so if you have a clear branding strategy, including colour scheme and logos, be sure to share this with your web designer right away. If it’s a brand new business, then discuss the feel you’re going for, and shape your offline and online branding together to make a cohesive package.

4. What are the key features you want?

Don’t be afraid to share specifics you’ve spotted on other sites and have been lusting after. While you may not be able to fit in every trendy new element into your design, it will give your web designer a good idea of what you’re after, and they can help to streamline your ideas. Also, try to clarify the most important feature, whether that’s a sign-up form or a downloadable product.

5. Do you need content and images?

While it’s easy to think of a completed website as one package, it actually involves several different professional strands to build it. A web designer is not a copy-writer or photographer, though they’re well-placed to find you the expertise you need. Every website needs great content to shine, so it’s important to know where yours is going to come from.


After all of that hard work on your part, you can sit back and let the web design magic happen, and enjoy the excitement of your new website!

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